Amazing Qatar

Precious pearls and aromatic coffee, state-of-the-art architecture and social initiatives — the State of Qatar which is to host FIFA World Cup in 2022 impresses your imagination with its splendor and subtle ability to blend ancient traditions with forward-thinking mindset. Within the framework of the Year of Culture Qatar-Russia 2018, Artemy Lebedev and his team set off on a journey to Qatar to see it all with their own eyes. Meanwhile, we are sharing details of their journey with you at project blog.


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Day XII. Crib Notes For Qatar Traveler

The expedition to Qatar is over. For 12 days the expedition team studied the country and its culture.

“In Russia people prefer to eat peeled shrimps or lobsters. In Italy or in Asia people just won’t get it if you give them a shrimp even without a tail, and they prefer to keep the shell in place to discover the delish – it is part of the thrill for them. The same thing happens with Qatar. It is delicious inside, but not yet peeled. You need to make a little effort to get the taste. And this is a special joy. If you want everything to be ready – welcome the Emirates. And Qatar is the undiscovered pearl whcih you should defenetly visit.”

At this, Qatar EtHnoExp is officially completed.

Day V. Desert racing

Participants of QatarEthnoExpo to the desert for a two days experience.

Госпиталь для соколов

Day X. Football Committee. Hospital for falcons


Myths and facts about Qatar