Amazing Qatar

Precious pearls and aromatic coffee, state-of-the-art architecture and social initiatives — the State of Qatar which is to host FIFA World Cup in 2022 impresses your imagination with its splendor and subtle ability to blend ancient traditions with forward-thinking mindset. Within the framework of the Year of Culture Qatar-Russia 2018, Artemy Lebedev and his team set off on a journey to Qatar to see it all with their own eyes. Meanwhile, we are sharing details of their journey with you at project blog.


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Day II. Doha, new clothes, womb in section

Members of the expedition started their day at the old bazaar of Doha — Souq Waqif — where they bought national clothes.
“Old bazaar district looks like a typical tourist attraction. In fact, the place is quite sterile nowadays.”

“I used to think that when a European puts on national Arab clothing, it might insult locals. But Ahmed told us that Qataris, on the contrary, consider it respectful. So we decided to dress up,” said Artemy Lebedev.

“Portraits of the current Emir of Qatar, His Highness Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani are seen just everywhere. He is the symbol of resistance to the blockade by neighboring countries. In the shops and cars, on the walls and facades — everywhere you can see his image. It unites the nation against the backdrop of the political conflict.”

The expedition then moved on to other attractions of the city. Doha Fire Station contemporary art center was the first one to be explored.

“Contemporary art center occupies the building of the former fire station. Qatar does its best to keep up in all fields and directions.”

The expedition team has also visited а park near Sidra Medical and Research Center, where they found the unique sculpture.

“I was rather skeptical about Qatar’s achievements in the field of contemporary art. But then we saw this jaw-dropping sculptural group by Damien Hirst. It is devoted to the origin of life and the following birth,” shared his impressions Lebedev.

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Day VI. Sandboard and other desert activities

The expedition team spends two days in the desert on the seashore and rests like real Qataris — swimming, driving and boarding over the dunes are in the daily agenda.



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